With Spring Training coming up in the next couple weeks the Pittsburgh Pirates have made a major change before they pack their bags and go to Florida. It’s that franchise player Andrew McCutchen is going to shift from center field to right field, which McCutchen seems to have taken the shift well considering he posted a picture on Twitter of Roberto Clemente when the announcement was made, because that’s where Clemente spent his whole career in right field.

The rest of the changes are that going to happen is Starling Marte will move to Center field and Gregory Polanco will move from right field to left field. The organization believes this will be beneficial because it will take some pressure off of McCutchen on defense as the more speedier Marte will have lots of room in center field to make plays.

Overall I think these changes will be beneficial because you will be able to get more production from all three of those players once they get comfortable with those positions. And if all those stars can contribute with McCutchen having a bounce back year then the Pirates could make some noise in the National League this upcoming season.

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  1. I thought this was a very well thought out and educated editorial. It was very entertaining and insightful.

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