After the live action movie was  #1  in theatres this past weekend,  the high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast  begins its infamous Tech Week. The actors and tech crew will be spending the long hours of the night perfecting this year’s widely anticipated show.

Senior actor Jackson Horigan, who will be portraying Cogsworth the clock, says he is “very excited,” and “looking forward to months of hard work paying off.”

Senior Logan Yovetich, who says she will be seeing the show twice, commented “I am ever so excited to see the show, and I think lots of people will be with the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out.”

Ticket sales for the show begin Monday, March 27th of next week and will run through Friday, April 7th. Tickets will be sold during all lunches at a table in the nurse’s hallway; pick them up for $10 for students and senior citizens and $12 for adults. Shows are on March 31st and April 1st, 7th and 8th. Tickets are available at for anyone interested in the show.

Don’t feel like paying for tickets, but still want to see the show? Mrs. Frauenholz is looking for high school students from any grade to usher the shows. Interested students can see her in room 310, and must commit to ushering at least two shows.

13 Replies to “Beauty and the Beast Performed At AHS In Two Weeks”

  1. Lots of detail and quotes! Great job connecting the school event to something relevant outside! 10/10 would read again!

  2. This article does a great job of building up excitement for the play. Also, I like the link described between the play at Avonworth and the recent movie being played at the movies.

  3. I think this is an informative article to know when to buy tickets, and how long and hard the students work for the musical.

  4. This article is really informative and helpful, and I like the use of quotes! It makes me excited to see the show.

  5. Just so people know, March 31st, the opening show is sold out. Buy tickets now so you can see the show.

  6. This article gives helpful information about the show and gives an exciting preview of the show. I also liked how it was short and concise.

  7. I´m glad they´re promoting the spring show because I feel like it often doesn´t get the attention it deserves. The writer does a nice job of hyping the show up and the artcle isn´t overly-lengthy.

  8. I like how the article was informative about tickets. I think I would have enjoyed reading more from the cast and their comments on the musical. Additionally I would like to hear from Frau. At the senior review, she tells a brief story of the musical and how it compares to Avonworth’s past productions. It makes me more excited.

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