Seniors Zac McDowell and Noah Donovan didn’t stick to the norm when trying to find a way to help a local family stricken with a tragic event. On March 9th, 2017, both students of Avonworth High School directed a Dodgeball Tournament, a fundraiser for the Milbert family, who recently lost their daughter and their home in a house fire.

Sophmore Jack Reed, member of team ‘Caucasion Invasion’


“We chose the Milbert family because we felt like we had to help a local family in distress due to a tragic event,” says senior Zac McDowell, one of the administrators of this charity event. “Even though I did not know Hannah as well as others, she was still a classmate.”

“Personally, I like the concept of competition, and we decided to do dodgeball, because who doesn’t love a good classic game of pelting each other with balls.” says Zac, regarding on why they chose to do dodgeball. “The dodgeball tournament has been done in the past, and has always brought great success.”

It was, yet again, a great success, raising over $275, either through admittance or participance fee.

Michael Noethiger, Pat Deiger, Brandon Cerminara, Dylan Downing, Matt Crilley, Garret Day, the winners of the 2017 Dodgeball Tournament










The winners of the tournament was the team ‘Dodge These Balls,’ with the participance Michael Noethiger, Pat Deiger, Brandon Cerminara, Dylan Downing, Matt Crilley, Garret Day.

“We thought it was important to help her family as much as we could,” says Zac. “You feel different about things when they actually happen to you or someone you know.”

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  1. I like the highlights you gave of the tournament and how you also connected it to the Milbert’s family

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