A glimpse of some of the younger visitors to the high school on Thursday, April 27th, who visited for Take Your Child To Work day run by National Honors Society. Mrs. Realsono, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Cario, Mrs. Reagle, Mrs. Swaney, and Mr. Tena are pictured with some or all of their children who visited. A number of staff also had children visit for some of the day.

Gwen Barkovich and Laila Tuffiash, both age 9, look forward to this yearly event where they catch up with each other.


National Honors Society used the conference room for coloring, snacks and games available throughout the day for tired or restless visitors. Courtyard tours were also popular on this warm Spring day, where the close to 80 degree temperatures encouraged turtle spotting in the pond.



7 Replies to “Take Your Child To Work Day 2017 – Photo Gallery”

  1. Take Your Child To Work Day 2017 – Photo Gallery I like how this article incorporated pictures. This made the article more interesting than just reading about this day. Maybe for next year, more candid photos could be included.

  2. I loved seeing the teachers and their children in classes on take your kids to work day because it provided a different perspective of the teachers as parents and also a more entertaining class environment.

  3. I enjoy seeing the teachers bring in their kids to school. It allows the students to connect to the teachers more, as students are able to see them not only as teachers but as parents. It reminds students that teachers also have lives outside of school.

  4. I really liked seeing all of the teachers little kids. They brought up the energy throughout the whole day.

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