Christian Guzzo, Avonworth senior, when asked about the Question of Survival, sides with Ove and would go for the doorknobs. “I agree with Ders. I’d climb the bleachers and throw them at the zombies. Maybe a better strategy would be to flail the sack around and make my way towards the doors in an attempt to escape.”

He took some time to decide which option he’d go with, but ultimately chose the pillowcase. He mentioned that he would somehow try to use the doorknobs to barricade the doors if he could, which I promptly told him probably wouldn’t work. He adds that “the broomstick is swingable, yes, but might break after lots of use. Plus, why take one weapon when you can have a bag full of them?”

He wishes there were more adequate weapons for survival, like a sniper rifle, which again I addressed is not a part of the scenario. Who will be next to answer the Question of Survival? Check in tomorrow.

9 Replies to “A Question of Survival #2”

  1. Very funny article. This is something that I have never really considered, but now it got me thinking. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. great moves tucker, nice job. keep it up. This is, while funny, impossible because everyone knows Zombies can’t go into gyms. There bodies shut down after that and they die, again.

  3. This article made me laugh and I enjoyed this article. It got me to consider which one I would use if this ever happened. Great article.

  4. The ideal weapon for zombie survival is a Murder Minders Energy Sword – everyone knows that. This was a poignant and thought-provoking article.

  5. I enjoyed reading this article and thinking about this question. I’d pick the pillowcase, then run out and find the nearest Pack-a-Punch. That’s just me though.

  6. Pretty funny article, definitely a question I’ve never really put much thought into prior to reading this but now we’re arguing about it in English so nice job.

  7. I’d like to offer my opinion for this one. Doorknob pillowcase all the way. You have a durable and effective weapon on your side.

  8. Very fun article, and although it is not the most serious it is still well written and a good read. I will have to agree with Prosper because zombies cannot function after a while because they do not eat enough bananas and, therefore, have a potassium deficiency.

  9. I enjoyed reading this article and it allows the readers to take a break from school and read a funny story.

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