Years ago, Avonworth students Anders Ove and Joe Engelmeier began heatedly debating about a vital choice that they hypothetically would have to make in a certain life-or-death situation. Word of this debacle spread to other students who took a stance on the issue, ultimately taking one of two sides. According to Ove, “this choice essentially decides who you are and where you stand as a human being.”

The question is this: imagine you are in the very center of the high school gym. All doors are locked but will unlock in 60 seconds, at which point an endless wave of zombies will make their way in and attack you. Equidistant from you on both sides of the gym are a pillowcase full of doorknobs, and a metal broomstick with a removable head. You only have time to pick one weapon that you think will better suit you for combat. The other will be picked up and used by an enemy. Which weapon would you pick, and why do you think it would keep you alive longer?

Engelmeier has since graduated, but Ove, now a senior, still stands strongly by his decision. “The pillowcase is clearly the better option. You can flail it around or throw the individual doorknobs as projectiles. It offers versatility and range.” He also adds that, “a good strategy is to try to get to the top of the bleachers and bean the zombies from there.”

I strive to continue this legacy, and will ask various students around Avonworth for their opinions on the topic.

16 Replies to “A Question of Survival – Day 1 of 5”

  1. This post is very intriguing and raises a significant question. I would have to agree that Anders choice is the better option; however, the question is still debatable.

  2. The article is very fun to read. I would have to agree with the metal broomstick option due to it being more reliable and less likely to break in battle.

  3. While this the answer is debatable, I definitely agree with Ander’s choice after his justification. I did not previously know about this debate, so I liked that the Avonews is publishing articles that are different and intriguing.

  4. I enjoyed reading this article. I think the obvious choice would be the pillowcase as it provides long and short range defense. Anyone picking the broomstick faces an inevitable demise.

  5. I really thought that the points brought up were very interesting to think about and I never would have thought about that myself. I agree with the pillowcase option as well.

  6. This article was quite interesting. I like how it seemed to start serious, then it quickly became funny. This article also created a debate with my friends.

  7. The article, A Question of Survival, poses a very important question that left me curious and entertained. After a long debate with classmates and a thorough assessment of the situation I have decided I would take the pillowcase. Like Anders said, it would provide great versatility. If one selects the broomstick they will face the possibility of zombies throwing the doorknobs from far away. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take with my life on the line.

  8. I would have to agree with Ander’s opinion. A metal broomstick would be more efficient and less tiring. Gotta think about that stamina.

  9. This article is interesting and fun to read. It’s also cool since this has been going on for four years.

  10. This article is very entertaining and poses a very serious question. However, I would choose the pillowcase full of doorknobs due to its versatility.

  11. This article was funny but also significant. It is interesting that it has been a debate for several years, and this article will allow for it to be a continued debate. I think that the broom stick would be the better choice because it could inflict more pain on an enemy then the door nobs. Also if you were to throw the doorknobs you would eventually run out.

  12. This article is fun to read and engages the reader. I would also go with the pillowcase since it gives you many weapons = several chances to defeat the zombies.

  13. Very funny article. I have to agree with Anders that the broomstick would be the better option. Overall very good article and fun to read.

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