Here I have shared with you some of the pictures I have taken along the journey. Life truly is fraught with such perils. If it is fine with you we may never meet again. Remember to eat food and drink water. As with journeys like these, there are things you can never go back to. Strange that a man can stand in the same place every day but still never get back. I have oft been told to wait for the real world. However I can’t recall ever living in a fake world, save for being lucky. Keep your wits about you, children. Life may pass you by. Remember that few things can truly make you happy, save for the love you hold for each other.


Jagmeet Singh


Below are the captions to each photo.


A picture I have snapped of what I believe to be the background for the play.



The dastardly curtains.


A mere glimpse of the golden gates you must enter to reach the auditorium.


A view of the planets in our solar system


The beautiful night sky


5 Replies to “Auditorium Beat #4 – A Photo Gallery”

  1. These photos are really interesting and provide a perspective that I would not have seen before, I enjoyed looking at these photos.

  2. You’re wisdom in the first paragraph has changed my life, thank you Jagmeet. Nice pictures, and godspeed.

  3. I really liked these photos because it shows a side of the school I’ve never seen before. Keep up the good work.

  4. I really enjoyed these photos and the comments provided with them. It was very interesting to see the different perspectives of each photo.

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