At the end of the week, hours before the 2nd Battle of the Bands at Avonworth High School starts at 7 PM on Friday, May 12th, Avonworth’s own Mayview answered a few questions in between performing two songs off their upcoming EP. Bassist and songwriter Kimmy Keener, keytar/keyboard/vocalist Alex Domencic and guitarist Tucker Yovetich talked about putting together the current lineup of the group, including the drummer from Quaker Valley joining the band, as well as their hopes for gigs this summer and their songwriting process. Keener primarily writes the songs and starts with lyrics and bass parts before the others contribute their individual parts. The band also addressed the combination of popularity and notoriety around school from memes bouncing through social media about them, suggesting they take them not too seriously but also at least appreciate getting any publicity, too.

Here are a few photo highlights of Mayview’s two song preview performance for the class, as well as a little glimpse of their Q&A of the band influenced by Green Day, Muse and Radiohead.


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