The Avonworth baseball team held a vote early in the season and decided to wear formal attire on away game school days. Many of our school’s sports teams dress up for away games/meets to not only show respect to the opposing school, but to show that Avonworth athletes can be dignified and classy. Sophomore Turner Grau and Senior Nathan Slenska, pictured in the featured image, wore contrasting pink and black formal attire for last Wednesday’s game against New Brighton. Junior team member Corey Dick wasn’t a fan of this new custom, but thinks that the team is “… on a good track right now.”

Here are a few moments from throughout the regular season:

Before Wednesday, April 26th game, Corey Dick commented “New Brighton has been a challenge in past years but I believe we can beat them,” which they evidently did as Avonworth took the 3-1 win. The team’s season is going well, with their New Brighton victory securing them an 8th win for their impressive 8-2 record.

On March 30th, the team destroyed Riverview with a 17-0 shutout, shortly thereafter besting Mohawk, New Brighton, and Beaver Falls respectively. Corey added that his hopes for this season include “making it through the first round of the playoffs, at least. We haven’t made it that far in the past few years but I hope that we can rise to the challenge.”

The Avonews will run an end-of-season overview of the team in the last edition.


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  1. The article is well written and interesting to know why they dress up for each game. It also did a good job at showing how the team was doing this year

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