There’s gonna be heavy metal at the Millvale Music Festival this Saturday with free admission. Many local metal bands will be playing live at Grist House Metal Stage at Millvale Studios located on the address of 220 North Ave. The whole event, the heavy metal festival in particular, will start at around 2 PM and keeps thrashin’ and moshin’ up until 11:40 PM. If you appreciate metal music in general, regardless of who’s performing, and if you wanna just mosh away, then this is the concert venue for you. Especially if you wanna watch bands with crazy names, like the band at 4 o’clock, Until We Have Faces. That name sounds phenomenal.

This is also one of the only venues for this festival that allows anyone who’s younger than 21. According to the online Post Gazette, “There also will be street performers and food trucks.” So if you need a break from the constant thrashin’ or if you just have the munchies and are craving something to eat, that’s also a great excuse to get out of the house. Also, there’s gonna be a lengthy amount of action going on because it’s one of the longer shows of the whole festival.

The festival in general is gonna generate a lot of publicity in the community. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette describes this festival in the following manner: “On Saturday, the whole town will be hoppin’ for the very first Millvale Music Festival, a free event that will highlight 120 Pittsburgh bands at 16 venues.” So, get out there and meet people who just wanna jam and possibly mosh.

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