According to lead singer M. Shadows, Avenged Sevenfold’s track “Creating God” addresses the fact that “computers are getting smarter and smarter, and all of a sudden they’re becoming your god; they’re so much more intelligent than you, you seem like apes to them, or ants.” The fifth track of their seventh studio album The Stage,  “Creating God” belongs mostly to the songwriting from bassist Johnny Christ and lead guitarist Synyster Gates.

The chorus pretty much says it all with these lines:

“We’re creating god, master of our designs”

“We’re creating god, unsure of what we’ll find”

(Google visual of “Creating God” by Avenged Sevenfold)

This song’s guitar work utilizes drop D tuning, by only down-tuning the low E string to D, and leaving the rest of the strings in the traditional standard tuning. At a tempo of 150 beats per minute, this track starts with 1/8th note power chord changes at a time signature of 4/4.


(intro with power chord changes)

Then, the chugging starts with a repeated sequence of open low string chords and rests, along with power chord changes with string skipping.

(verse riff that includes chugging open palm muted power chords)

Then, there’s low pitched notes that are palm muted and that utilize tremolo picking.

(Part of pre chorus riff that includes faster palm muyted notes)

The chorus goes through melodic yet strange chord changes. The chords used are a little more unusual than most artists would use. And that was the purpose of this record to begin with according to M. Shadows.

(Chorus riff with a slightly unusual composition)

He said in one of the interviews related to this record that “we wanted this record to be out and not in. So when you’re writing melodies, the notes will feel like they’re not your first choice, second choice or third choice. It’s that fourth choice, it’s using the blues in a way that will sound off to people at first.”

(Lyrics to Chorus 1)

In general there are lots of short yet rapidly scattered moments where Brooks Wackerman plays a solid drum rhythm solo. This song is another kind of attack on our society, particularly in how we treat technological advancements. The reason being is that technology is like its own paradox. It provides for a more modernized society, yet it can create the suicide of America.

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