It seems like M. Shadows wants to know where the angels die. Welcome to Ryan’s Metal Reviews, and today’s review is another song from Avenged Sevenfold’s seventh album The Stage. This particular song takes on a different subject matter. Written in Drop D Tuning and mostly credited by vocalist M. Shadows and lead guitarist Synyster Gates, this track seems to take on a conflict of whether or not the narrator, not necessarily M. Shadows literally, believes in anything involving religion anymore, and that could be a factor in the possible self destruction of society. The chorus lines pretty much explain the whole explanation above.

“Mother, wash the devil from my hands.

Pray the lord I have the strength to stand.

Mother, tell me, was it all a lie?

Show me where the angels die.”


The instrumentation for the most part is a slightly slower and more melodic track. The guitars in the beginning & the verses are not distorted. Instead they are described as a term called overdriven, which sounds not 100% pretty sounding, similar to distortion. However, the difference is that overdrive is utilized by turning up the gains on your amp without distortion. So, overdrive requires a different kind of effort of your amp. While the distortion effect doesn’t require as much power and effort from the amp. It only makes a difference of what you hear.

Image result for synyster gates and papa gates
(Synyster Gates to your right with his father, nicknamed Papa Gates to your left)

Even the guitar solos are more with slow feeling than just playing fast. Synyster Gates plays the first solo, which is after the chorus after the second verse. After the final chorus, which is actually a separate outro part, his father, nicknamed Papa Gates, plays a guitar solo of his own. I don’t think that it’s a matter of Synyster Gates being incapable of playing this guitar solo, especially considering the fact that Syn is considered one of the best metal guitarists of all time. However, I do think that Syn just loves to play a song with his dad, because Papa Gates, from what I’ve heard, is a fabulous guitar player himself. He’s best known as a guest musician for metal, rock, and country artists.

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