On May 31, 2017, the Seniors had a pleasant surprise in store for them when they came back from the 2nd ever Senior Walk on the Elementary School campus. The Senior Class Officers and parents of the Class of 2017 helped raise money through the High School to pay for personalized graduation signs for every Senior.

“It was cool; nobody was really expecting it, we just pulled up [in the bus] and the signs were put up there [in the entrance to the HS parking lot],” said Senior Matt Manz. “I was like wow, and we weren’t down there [the Primary campus] that long so they must have hurried up and done that.” The signs were quickly put up by Tiff White and the Life Skills class volunteers, with some assistance from maintenance staff (pictured in the background of one of the photos) before the Seniors got back to the High School. Seniors took the signs home throughout the day and will hopefully be able to remember their Senior year memories through this sign for years to come.

2 Replies to “Senior Class Surprised by Personalized Graduation Signs”

  1. I noticed this and was curious about how they got there. This was a very informative and Interesting. I think this a cool thing that the school did.

  2. i enjoyed reading this because I have friends that are seniors and they were really happy when they saw it.

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