After a scheduled 2-hour delay start, Senior Switch Day 2017 on Wednesday, May 10th spread the soon-to-be graduates throughout the high school and middle school as they took over in many classes.

Above, Zoe Santry Patterson with Mrs. LI during one of her Chinese classes. Below, Sophia Brandt with Mrs. Chester in front of one the new Warhol Galleries installation.

Below is the full roster assembled by Student Council Sponsor Mrs. Studt. Students had to submit requests prior to the day and teachers approved the assignments and discussed lesson plans.




5 Replies to “Senior Switch Day 2017”

  1. I like how these pictures were posted very recent to the actual event. It helped students that missed on senior switch day or weren’t in a specific class see some of the seniors in their classes.

  2. I like how this article included photos. It makes classes more exciting when we are put in a different environment with the seniors. It is also cool to see a list of who switched with who because a lot of seniors switched that students may not have been able to see.

  3. I liked how the article included photos of all the high school staff and the seniors who switched with them. As well as who was assigned where. I do not have classes with some teachers who students switched with so it was nice to see photos.

  4. By including pictures, readers are able to get a better feel of what senior switch day was really like. For those who weren’t there that day, the pictures show them how the day played out. I think it was a nice touch.

  5. I like the photos because they give those of us who were away taking AP tests the ability to see the fun and excitement that we missed that day. The event sounds super fun, wish I could have been there!

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