Career Academy Leaders Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Maisner and Mrs. Reagle organized and provided a special cookout on an overcast Friday afternoon, May 12th, for a number of graduating seniors who participated in the Career Academies through much of their high school career.

Starting around noon, Mr. Wolfe,  STEM academy leader, showed off his grilling skills and seniors had an opportunity to share a meal as they approach the final two weeks of their senior year. Mr. Shirey, Entrepreneurship academy leader,  observes in the background.


Additionally, the career academies continue as Mrs. Maisner met with a handful of sophomores to start the day and incoming freshman met with her for two periods.

Starting in 2017-2018, the academy model will spread beyond the smaller groupings of these past three years to an “Academy For All” model.

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  1. I think this article was well written, and it is good for people to know that there are many career academy’s available.

  2. This article is a really nice way to recognize and show appreciation for the career academy students. I’m sure that they enjoyed their cookout and this article provides great pictures to give readers a visual.

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