Scott Shriver,  Biology teacher,  has been a part of the Avonworth team for 32 years is retiring by the end of this 2017 year. Although he bids Avonworth High School goodbye, in order to keep his time at our small high school alive, I have decided to make him the center of my beat for the next 5 days, starting today, May 16th, 2017.

For this school district, seeing Mr. Shriver go will be hard for students who were lucky enough to have him for academic or AP Bio, but that won’t be the only dramatic change. In the past, Mr. Shriver’s father had worked the same position as him, starting all the way back to 1954, and there has been a Shriver in the building since then.

Mr. Shriver begins to pack up materials in his classroom as he closes down for the year.


“For a very brief time we worked together when I first started,” says Shriver. “I was teaching earth and space and he taught bio, we worked together for a half year.” Due to unfortunate events, the same year that Shriver’s father was retiring, another science teacher had passed away and another had quit. Scott was then hired that following year to teach those positions and has been there since.

Shriver also commented a lot on how his day had been and, due to keystones, has been an off day. “Today I have been working out in the courtyard with 4 guys who are working on their senior project,” Shriver said when regarding his day. “So it’s kind of nontraditional.”

Later, Shriver then began to tell me when makes his day better and how students can improve his day. “There have been a ton of students who have made my day better. They smile and are happy and I enjoy students who are feeling good.” says Shriver, regarding on how just being positive can improve his day. “If they have positive comments, it makes me feel better.”


5 Replies to “Shriver Beat 5/16”

  1. I love this tribute to Mr. Shriver. Many people know that he and his family have been with the school district for so long and this is a very nice article paying tribute to them before he leaves.

  2. I enjoyed reading about Mr. Shriver’s career. He was by far the funniest teacher I have ever had in class. Thank you for a fun freshman year, Mr. Shriver!

  3. I thought it was very nice listening to Shriver’s early years, and how his career here at Avonworth began. I think the writer did a great job conveying the details and giving a story of what he did and what he did that day.

  4. I am so glad that Mr. Shriver was focused on in some articles. I love the idea to do these articles and Caitlin did a great job with it. Mr. Shriver has been a huge part of Avonworth for his entire career. He always made everyone laugh and everyone had an enjoyable time in his class.

  5. I enjoyed reading about Mr. Shriver. I never had him as a teacher but I have heard many great things about him. I enjoyed the tribute to him and the article was well written.

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