Throughout your freshman year at Avonworth High School, whether you’re in honors or not, you share a common enemy that awaits you at the end of the year: your Biology Keystone Test. As the year begins to wind down, finals and keystone prep begin to flood the halls, nervous students telling their colleagues about their fears of not passing.

Today, as I dive into finding out more about Mr. Shriver, he tells me his woes and dislikes, as well as agreements with the infamous Keystone exams.

“Keystones were given today, module 1,” says Shriver, regarding what had happened today in his classes. “Most of the kids were thought they were very challenging.”

Some of Mr. Shriver’s fish that will migrate out to the pond over the summer.


Both classes, honors and academic, are required by the state to take the Biology keystone in order to graduate. In the past year, the state no longer made it required for students who graduate in 2016, 2017, and 2018, but have yet to offer any intel on other grades. Many teachers dislike the state required test, while Shriver has a different take on it. “I’m not totally against them,” he tells me, regarding his thoughts on whether they should be required or not. “I think kids should have to show a level of expertise, but not as difficult as the keystone.”

After the Keystones, or long periods of testing, students find it extremely difficult to sit down and be in a learning environment. It can even affect a day in the classroom, according to Shriver.

“It was a fine day,” he says, in regard to how Keystones were affecting his day rather than the students. “Everything went very smoothly, but as a teacher, the kids are strung out after the Keystones. You can’t really do anything.”

The Keystones pick up again tomorrow for Module 2, and we will pick up with Shriver’s thoughts on his final year teacher in regards to the Keystone required test.

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  1. I think this article is extremely well written and it provides valuable information about something everyone has to deal with.

  2. I like how this article touches on the opinions of the teachers on the keystones. Everyone knows how students feel about the stressful tests, so it was a very good idea to bring teachers’ views into the topic.

  3. This article was very informative, and it was really nice to see the perspective of both the teachers and the students about something as serious as a standardized test.

  4. This article gave great perceptive as to how teacher feels about the keystones which is nice to see they do not agree with the keystones to some degree which is a commonality among students. This article was well written and gave great incite.

  5. I like the timeliness of this article since Mr. Shriver is leaving and getting his viewpoint on Keystones is very interesting.

  6. This article is very well written and it is interesting to hear a teacher’s opinion on the keystones.

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