Mr. Shriver has been privileged to go on four trips with select students throughout his more recent years teaching at the high school, traveling to Puerto Rico twice, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. He will add Iceland in the coming weeks, but this wasn’t a trip he had in mind for a while. 

“I hadn’t planned on taking a trip this year, it being my last year,” says Shriver, regarding when he initially decided to take the trip. “Then a lady called me in October and said, ‘How would you like to go to Iceland?’”

Shriver had several fears when he agreed to do this, one being Avonworth’s small population. “There’s no way I can get kids to go to Iceland,” he told me. “I followed her plan and 17 people are going.”

Not only that, but the group of 17 will be indulging in many activities. “We’re going to go see geysers, geothermal activity, farms where they grow crops, and they’re going to show us how they use geothermal activities to heat their homes and run their greenhouses.”

Shriver also commented on Iceland’s extremely ironic name. “There’s an old rumor that goes like this,” says Shriver. “Vikings discovered it and didn’t want anyone else to find it. So they called  Greenland ‘Greenland,’ even though it’s mostly ice, and Iceland ‘Iceland’ when it’s mostly green. I don’t know if it’s true.”

The Iceland trip will take place after school ends.

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  1. This is a very interesting article for those thinking about going on future trips, it’s nice to know what all will be happening on the trip.

  2. I like this article and how it talks about the Iceland Trip. I din’t know much about it and highlighting what they are going to do while their is a good idea. It was also interesting to see that Mr. Shriver did not have this trip planned and was surprised himself that it came up. Overall good article.

  3. This article is a great insight on Mr. Shriver’s perspectives of the trips, especially considering he is leaving. This sounds like a very fun trip and it is interesting to read more about such a unique school trip

  4. I like how we got to hear about Mr. Shriver’s previous apprehensions about Iceland trip which I didn’t know. I think it was a good article, and I learned some things I was not previously aware of.

  5. This article is very informative and interesting. I did not know much about the Iceland trip that was taking place but now i have a better understanding of what the trip is all about.

  6. This article is very informative about the upcoming Iceland trip. It’s nice to see that students at Avonworth are given the opportunity to travel the world.

  7. This article is pretty interesting. I heard about the trip because I have a class with him, but I didn’t know all of their activities and places they will go to.

  8. I think this highlights the difficulty in planning and executing school trips, which is something I think that students haven’t really been exposed to.

  9. This is a very interesting article! I loved reading about what the kids will be doing on the trip! It definitely would be cool to read an article about how their trip was when they come back.

  10. This article was very informative. I liked how quotes from Mr. Shriver were actually used. Hopefully there will be another article next year where there will be information about how they enjoyed the trip.

  11. This article is very informative for people wanting to go on educational trips in the future. Also very interesting how Mr Shriver scheduled and his experiences on the trips.

  12. This article is very informative and interesting! its good to know what will be happening on the upcoming trip.

  13. This article was very interesting and informative to people considering the trip or questioning the origin of the idea of going to Iceland- good read 10/10!

  14. This is a very interesting article. It is fun to see what future trips could be like in the future, and it is also interesting to know what past trips were like. Very good read and quite well written. Good job keep it up.

  15. I really enjoyed reading this article. It was interesting to learn about the Iceland trip and Mr. Shriver’s opinion about it. I did not know much about the Iceland trip, but after reading this article I am more informed.

  16. This was very interesting and professional. It was nice to hear about the trip and to hear from Mr. Shriver, since he is very knowledgeable about this trip and past trips.

  17. It was not only informative to hear about what kids will be doing on the trip, but I also enjoyed how they incorporated Mr. Shriver’s thoughts and feelings into the article.

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