This year, with a new section and also new obstacles due to injury, the Lopes Softball team has continued success for the season. In many of the games the softball team has won by large margins, some of the scores are 15-0 and 21-0. Their overall record is 8 wins and 4 losses, with a section record with 7 wins,and 2 losses.

The overall mood of the team seems positive with junior Payton Wisniewski saying “The season has been going pretty good we have not lost too many games.” In the games that the Softball team has lost they have only done so by small margins. This year the team has been put into the AAA section. Because of the new section the team is now playing better teams than they did before. The softball team is placed second in their section. Even though some of the players are injured it does not seem to have slowed their progression.

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  1. I think this article is really informative. I like that it recognizes the softball team and all their hard work.

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