With it being so late in the school year, apathetic students seeing new changes in their school is a hit or miss. One change that most everyone has seen are the paintings lining the hallway leading into the cafeteria.

The plaque on the wall says the paintings are the galleries projects attempt at following the theme of nostalgia and rebirth while also showing LGBT+ undertones. Just looking at the wall, the LGBT+ is a very prominent theme is each of the paintings.

The paintings have stirred up some controversy with their forward thinking themes. Like all art, that is partially the point, to get attention, to get people to think. But how far is too far?

Though Avonworth for the most part is forward thinking, many students feel that the paintings belong elsewhere. Out of the 40 people I spoke to regarding the placement of the paintings and their contents appropriateness levels for school, they definitely split into two groups. Those who liked the art, but thought it belongs elsewhere, and those who hate it and think it belongs elsewhere. Sophomore Lucas Mcdonald says this about the art, “I would rather see a mural there, when I’m on my way to lunch I can’t appreciate the art.” While Lucas fits into the category of liking the artwork, some feel differently.

Criticizing the art can be risky, because that is the easiest way to be called  homophobic or trans-phobic. A general statement I got from those who didn’t like the art was, “It makes me uncomfortable, and I don’t like them being there.”

If anyone has any ideas for alternate spots for the art, please comment below, or hit me up whenever you see me.

10 Replies to “Student Reaction to Galleries Project Artwork By Cafeteria”

  1. Student Reaction to Galleries Project Artwork By Cafeteria

    This article did a good job at showing two different view points. I like that the author involved audience by asking for the audience’s ideas. Although, maybe “hit me up” is not the best way to end an article

  2. Personally I think the art isn’t bothering anyone. I think it is very well done, it is so amazing that we have so many gifted students that are capable to create the art.

  3. The article, Student Reaction to Galleries Project Artwork By Cafeteria, was a very interesting and informative read. I haven’t had a chance to read the plaque describing the art, but the article did well to give enough background for me to really understand the meaning behind the art. I think it is good that we have thought provoking art in the school that can push a student a little out of their comfort zone. It is good to make people think.

  4. The article was very informative and complemented questions I had developed about the paintings myself. The paintings could possibly be placed elsewhere such as in a room where students may enter to see the art but are not forced to see the art as they walk to the cafeteria for lunch.

  5. I think that the artwork is gorgeous and should be displayed. It is amazing that we have people have such artistic ability

  6. This article was very well written and did not include any opinions from the author. It cited true and honest information going on around the school and had a balance of outside opinion, which made it seem truly informative.

  7. I was interested by this article because I had an opinion on the art myself, since I have read the plaque and really observed the paintings, and I enjoyed learning about other’s opinions on the topic. I think that the artwork is well done and inspiring and deserves to be displayed in the area that it is already in. I think that there are many other students who have the same opinion as me, however, this group was not really discussed in the article.

  8. After reading Student Reaction to Galleries Project Artwork By Cafeteria, I thought the piece was very well written and informative. Seeing the art in the cafeteria was amazing and breathtaking, but I did not understand their concept. The article does a great job to elaborate on the artist concepts as well as bring up the controversies to it. I personally do not have a problem with the artwork.

  9. I thought that this article was very important because many students have been commenting about it, and I think that this helps to show the meaning of the artwork.

  10. I think this raises questions and it should be moved to a more appropriate place like the music hallway that is bland and boring and where no one goes.

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