Day one

On this day of Thursday, May 11, 2017, I, Captain Jagmeet Saini Dhaul, have dared to venture out to the uncharted territories of the auditorium. Today I have sailed out my crew, non existent. On arrival to the gates of the auditorium I heard the music of what I could have only assumed to be vicious mermaids. I knew not to trust the sound but I pursued it anyways, but the doors were locked. I decided to change course and sailed through Mr. Guess´s room. Going through I found the only unlocked door to the auditorium. I decided to wait until the music was over to enter in and confront whatever beast lay beyond. The music stopped and I broke through only to find the school band and Mr.Guess looking at me awkwardly, I pretended to be there on accident and ran away as fast as I could. I hope the next expedition will be more fruitful I miss my family dearly and, the crew is planning a mutiny.


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