Day two (Tuesday, May 17th)

Today I dared brave whatever dangers lie ahead, much againe to my dismay. I had hoped that I would find nothing and I would be free to explore the auditorium on my own. When I entered through the golden gates I saw the white background that the chorus often uses. I thought I had heard some whistling, and it was then when I saw the chorus begin to walk out. I quickly ran away in order to avoid the shame that was my previous encounter with a teacher. As I did so I snapped a picture of the seats. I do not know what they are doing but it can not be good for me. The water is getting rough, and the crew is getting hungry. As the days go by I begin to miss my mother’s apple pie. Sometimes I think I may cry. Many days I don’t know if we will die. My search for mermaids is fruitless but hopefully the next day I will find some.

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