This is the picture I dared take picture of as a shark viciously bit my leg. Luckily I am a strong man.

Wednesday May 17: Today I have decided to take it safely. Using my super secret ninja skills I successfully avoided detection. I went back and forth between the back of the auditorium and inside at the entrance. I seemed to have gotten there before the rest but I was not so easy on believing the chorus would not arrive. Good thing I Captain Jagmeet Singh have once again fooled the enemy and I was able to avoid their gaze. Upon reporting back to Admiral Mr.Tuffiash I did not receive such a good rating. Perhaps next time if the chorus should be there I will find a hiding spot and collect data from afar only revealing myself at the last possible second. The crew is rejuvenated I don’t care about my family any more. The next day will surely bring new triumph. It is funny to think that not too long ago the crew was planning a mutiny but now their faith in me has been restored. This is Captain Jagmeet Singh signing out.

4 Replies to “The Auditorium Beat day 3”

  1. This article does not give me a clear view of what the article is trying to inform me of. Otherwise it was very entertaining and well written and kept my attention all the way through.

  2. Well writen! Maybe in the future have a monologue before you get into it where you explain what happen in earlier installments.

  3. I enjoyed reading The Auditorium Beat Day 3. The article provided some comic relief as we reach the end of the year. I was entertained when reading about Jagmeet’s quest in the auditorium.

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