Hunter Robinson continues her success with setting multiple records, as well as the rest of the team following her lead and competing well.

“We usually win the meets that we are competing in, ” said senior thrower Matt Manz.  “The runners overall have had a good season we have a couple good male relay teams and the girl runners have been dominant the whole season.” 

A view of Hayden Robinson, as she and Hunter continue to dominate competition throughout the Varsity Track season.

Hunter Robinson won 100, 200 and 400 meter races this season, breaking WPIAL records and continuing to dominate heading into qualifiers on May 11.

For those unaware about how Track works, Manz provided clarification. “Usually bigger schools have invitationals and invitationals have more schools attending. The bigger schools host these invitationals to allow more space. The smaller schools like Avonworth have “meets”.

The boys on track and field cracked the top 5 overall in WPIAL in the double A division. Teammates include Kyros Thorp (freshman), as well as Northgate High School freshmen Ray Mangone & Mike Allen.

WPIAL qualifying is Thursday, May 11th, with championships on the 18th and the state championships May 26th and 27th. Expect to see the Robinson sisters return, as they continue their stellar success.

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  1. I really like how they interviewed people to see what they are thinking about this article

  2. I think it was nice to include first hand quotes from the track members. It makes the article more-involved and more interesting to read.

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