Footprints of Excellence: 2017 AHS Awards Ceremony

This years awards ceremony was similar to many that AHS students have experienced before but with one inspirational twist. Our new High School principal, Keira Dwulit, made a speech with a message that shone throughout the auditorium. “Be proud of all you’ve accomplished,” she said, which was certainly a theme throughout the entire assembly. Here are a list of awards given at the event today:

United States Representative Award: 

Nathaniel Walko 

Education First Award: 

Pim, Olivia, Elena, Jill

Museum Research Paper Awards:

AP – J. Nicholas, Mackenzie Miller

Academic – Bethany Adamiak

Spanish IV & AP Spanish:

Julia Wimer

Latin IV & AP Latin:

Katie Carlson, Ryan McKinney

French IV & AP French:

Devyn Hundermark, Bethany Adamiak

Chinese IV:

Ethan Woodfill

Musical Director Awards:

Adam Boakes, Sophia Brandt, Maura Corder

David J. Mayernik Citizenship Award:

Alec Bocchino

Alfred Beattie Award:

Austin Kohl

9th Grade Citizenship & Leadership Award:

Mara Bett, Ethan Cyan

Lenzner Award:

Noah Donavan, Zoe Patterson, Alec Bocchino

Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award: 

Quinn Theobold

Princeton Book Award: 

Tweesha Modi

Schaffner STEM Award:

Julianna Nicholous, Nathaniel Walko

Ryan Ballou Citizenship Award/Patrick Kenny:

Zoe Patterson, Erin Welsh

Pittsburgh Pro Fitness:

Jackson Horigan

Bellevue Chiropractic Wellness Scholarship:

Abbey Foster

Avon Club Scholarship:

Abbey Foster, Sophie Thompson, Anna Wagner

Jacob Snively Memorial Scholarship:

Megan Williams

Athenian Award:

Bethany Adamiak

The Three Rivers Moss Award:

Tony Grillo, Alec Bocchino

National Merit Awards:

Carrie Haney

Carson Scholarship Fund Scholars:

Maya Berardi

Perfect Attendance:


Clair Cook
Alex Goeden
Calvin Liang
Andrew Ott
Tony Grillo
Outstanding Attendance-
Mary Moore
Madison Haver
Owen North
Lukas Helsel
Abigail Adamiak
Saineha Padala
Mackenzie Wisniewski
Jason Novosel

Rensselaer Medal:

Marty Knuth

University of Rochester Award:

Ethan Woodfill

North Pittsburgh Counselor Consortium Book Award:

Kayla Barzen, Anna Joyce, JC Prescott, Anna Wagner

David R. Williams Scholarship:

Maura Scrabis, Sophia Thompson, Eva Dinino

Dan Ulanowicz Award:

Kimmi Dioctavio

Male & Female Athlete of the Year:

Garrett Day

Hunter Robinson

Brian Burlsworth Award:

Ryan “Sunshine” Hunt

Art Awards:

Sarah Ward – Artistic Ambassador Award

Melissa Drawl – Most Intricate Artist award

Madison Deen – Leadership Award

Anders Ove – Best Sculptor Award

Alex Bocchino – Most Improved Award

Avonworth Gold Key – Welcome Tjelmeland

Portfolio of the Year – Eva DeNino

Artist of the Year – Sophie Thompson

Chinese Awards:

Sarah Schaffner, Zoe Santry, Ethan Woodfill

Accounting Award/Personal Finance Award:

Accounting Award – Bethany Adamiak

Personal Finance – Matthew Springer

Westinghouse Science Honors Institute:

Andrew Chrvala, Will Collenbrander, Taylor Geppart, Reed Hall, Ben Houser, Tweesha Modi, Gillian Mullens, Alex Osborn, Drew Ronk, Max Schlosser, Prosper Tjelmeland

Sustainability Project:

Sarah Schaffner, Emily Galloway, Caitlin Galloway

12th Grade English Vocabulary Award:

AP – Sebastian Mihalko, Blake Aber
Academic – Ryan Kreutzer, Justin Bellotti, Alex Smith, Bryce Pappalardo

Fall Play/ Spring Musical Recognition:

Golden Hanger Dresser Award: Sophia Brandt, Brandon Hart
Tech Awards:  Tyler Boothby, Logan Karwoski
Extra Effort Awards:  Langley Turcsanyi, Brooke Mellon, Julia Ciarimboli, Gabby Walko, Abby Stewart, Quinn Theobald, David Binley, Erin Ove
Gene Kelly Nominees:  Zac McDowell, Anders Ove

Blood Drive Scholarship:

Zoe Patterson

Student Council Awards:

Kiersten Cocher, Anna Wagner, Abbey Stewart, Carolyn Abramaowich, Megan Rob, Maura Corder, Jessica Peters, Jacob Condran, Sarah Ward

Senior Class Officer Awards:

Whitney Brown, Anders Ove, Megan Williams, Jacob Grande

Valedictorian/Salutatorian/Honor Cords:

V: Julianna Nicholas

S: Abigail Busse

Top Ten percent  (12 students):

JN, AB, Ryan Hunt, Spencer Haver, Carrie Haney, Colton Lipchak, Camryn Peters, Whitney Brown, Bethany Adamiak, Jackson Horigan, Ryan McKinney, Austin Schmiegal

Career Academy Chords:

Bethany Adamiak, Jessica Peters (Finance)

(Health + Medicine) Boaks, Brown, Cronin, Foster

(Arts and Communications) DeNino, McAleer, Ove, Southern, S Thompson, Tjeleland, Ward, Yovetich

(Public and International Relations)

Brandt, Kluitenberg, Smith, Wagner, Yovetich


Busse, Crilley, Galvis, Walko

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