This years awards ceremony was similar to many that AHS students have experienced before but with one inspirational twist. Our new High School principal, Keira Dwulit, made a speech with a message that shone throughout the auditorium. “Be proud of all you’ve accomplished,” she said, which was certainly a theme throughout the entire assembly. Here are a list of awards given at the event today:

United States Representative Award: 

Nathaniel Walko 

Education First Award: 

Pim, Olivia, Elena, Jill

Museum Research Paper Awards:

AP – J. Nicholas, Mackenzie Miller

Academic – Bethany Adamiak

Spanish IV & AP Spanish:

Julia Wimer

Latin IV & AP Latin:

Katie Carlson, Ryan McKinney

French IV & AP French:

Devyn Hundermark, Bethany Adamiak

Chinese IV:

Ethan Woodfill

Musical Director Awards:

Adam Boakes, Sophia Brandt, Maura Corder

David J. Mayernik Citizenship Award:

Alec Bocchino

Alfred Beattie Award:

Austin Kohl

9th Grade Citizenship & Leadership Award:

Mara Bett, Ethan Cyan

Lenzner Award:

Noah Donavan, Zoe Patterson, Alec Bocchino

Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award: 

Quinn Theobold

Princeton Book Award: 

Tweesha Modi

Schaffner STEM Award:

Julianna Nicholous, Nathaniel Walko

Ryan Ballou Citizenship Award/Patrick Kenny:

Zoe Patterson, Erin Welsh

Pittsburgh Pro Fitness:

Jackson Horigan

Bellevue Chiropractic Wellness Scholarship:

Abbey Foster

Avon Club Scholarship:

Abbey Foster, Sophie Thompson, Anna Wagner

Jacob Snively Memorial Scholarship:

Megan Williams

Athenian Award:

Bethany Adamiak

The Three Rivers Moss Award:

Tony Grillo, Alec Bocchino

National Merit Awards:

Carrie Haney

Carson Scholarship Fund Scholars:

Maya Berardi

Perfect Attendance:


Clair Cook
Alex Goeden
Calvin Liang
Andrew Ott
Tony Grillo
Outstanding Attendance-
Mary Moore
Madison Haver
Owen North
Lukas Helsel
Abigail Adamiak
Saineha Padala
Mackenzie Wisniewski
Jason Novosel

Rensselaer Medal:

Marty Knuth

University of Rochester Award:

Ethan Woodfill

North Pittsburgh Counselor Consortium Book Award:

Kayla Barzen, Anna Joyce, JC Prescott, Anna Wagner

David R. Williams Scholarship:

Maura Scrabis, Sophia Thompson, Eva Dinino

Dan Ulanowicz Award:

Kimmi Dioctavio

Male & Female Athlete of the Year:

Garrett Day

Hunter Robinson

Brian Burlsworth Award:

Ryan “Sunshine” Hunt

Art Awards:

Sarah Ward – Artistic Ambassador Award

Melissa Drawl – Most Intricate Artist award

Madison Deen – Leadership Award

Anders Ove – Best Sculptor Award

Alex Bocchino – Most Improved Award

Avonworth Gold Key – Welcome Tjelmeland

Portfolio of the Year – Eva DeNino

Artist of the Year – Sophie Thompson

Chinese Awards:

Sarah Schaffner, Zoe Santry, Ethan Woodfill

Accounting Award/Personal Finance Award:

Accounting Award – Bethany Adamiak

Personal Finance – Matthew Springer

Westinghouse Science Honors Institute:

Andrew Chrvala, Will Collenbrander, Taylor Geppart, Reed Hall, Ben Houser, Tweesha Modi, Gillian Mullens, Alex Osborn, Drew Ronk, Max Schlosser, Prosper Tjelmeland

Sustainability Project:

Sarah Schaffner, Emily Galloway, Caitlin Galloway

12th Grade English Vocabulary Award:

AP – Sebastian Mihalko, Blake Aber
Academic – Ryan Kreutzer, Justin Bellotti, Alex Smith, Bryce Pappalardo

Fall Play/ Spring Musical Recognition:

Golden Hanger Dresser Award: Sophia Brandt, Brandon Hart
Tech Awards:  Tyler Boothby, Logan Karwoski
Extra Effort Awards:  Langley Turcsanyi, Brooke Mellon, Julia Ciarimboli, Gabby Walko, Abby Stewart, Quinn Theobald, David Binley, Erin Ove
Gene Kelly Nominees:  Zac McDowell, Anders Ove

Blood Drive Scholarship:

Zoe Patterson

Student Council Awards:

Kiersten Cocher, Anna Wagner, Abbey Stewart, Carolyn Abramaowich, Megan Rob, Maura Corder, Jessica Peters, Jacob Condran, Sarah Ward

Senior Class Officer Awards:

Whitney Brown, Anders Ove, Megan Williams, Jacob Grande

Valedictorian/Salutatorian/Honor Cords:

V: Julianna Nicholas

S: Abigail Busse

Top Ten percent  (12 students):

JN, AB, Ryan Hunt, Spencer Haver, Carrie Haney, Colton Lipchak, Camryn Peters, Whitney Brown, Bethany Adamiak, Jackson Horigan, Ryan McKinney, Austin Schmiegal

Career Academy Chords:

Bethany Adamiak, Jessica Peters (Finance)

(Health + Medicine) Boaks, Brown, Cronin, Foster

(Arts and Communications) DeNino, McAleer, Ove, Southern, S Thompson, Tjeleland, Ward, Yovetich

(Public and International Relations)

Brandt, Kluitenberg, Smith, Wagner, Yovetich


Busse, Crilley, Galvis, Walko

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