This year, Avonworth introduced a new class called Service Learning, and the students participating have already made a promising impact early this first semester as they showcased their artistic abilities by creating Positivity Rocks, which can be found in the courtyard.

This rock, one of a number made during class, is dark blue with polka dots of varying colors and the words “always be positive” written in white.  
This rock has a snowy mountain with trees at the bottom and says “you can move mountains!”
This rock, which was painted by Catie Shields,  has rays of sunshine on it and says “you are my sunshine.”
Painted by Sara Foster, this rock features a smiling pizza with the words “home slice” written on it.
Also by Sara Foster, this circular rock is painted like a doughnut with the words “donut worry” printed on it.
In the first year of the class, led by Mrs. Reagle, students chose rocks such as the one above as their first assignment.
A take on Starry Night by Van Gogh is painted on a rock. This art piece was done by Libby Timko.
This triangle-shaped rock is painted to look like a watermelon and says the words “one in a melon” written on it. It was created by Jessica Lamperski.

2 Replies to “The New Service Learning Class is Already Making an Impact on Avonworth With Their First Project: Positivity Rocks”

  1. The photos in this article are well taken and provide the reader more information on what the service learning class is doing. One question that I have is who is the teacher of this class? Overall, you did an excellent job explaining what this new class is about and what they are doing to spread positivity in avonworth.

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