When you walk into a camp full of people jumping off poles and flying through the air, you’re going to wonder where you are.  September 22nd, 2017, this was the scene for the freshmen academy at Camp Guyasuta.

Many 9th graders were a mix of concerned or even a little fearful as the day started. They looked around after exiting the bus, only to see the highway behind them, and trees in front of them. Originally most students thought that they were going into the wilderness,  excluded from the outside world for that day. Instead they were met with the noise of cars behind them, and a tunnel of trees in front. On both sides of the tunnel of trees were Halloween decorations. There were spiders, skeletons, skeletal horses, witches, and more. This place was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Everyone split into groups, and some were taken to the low rope course, and the high rope course. The high ropes course was by far the most liked part of the day from everyone, especially from those who went with the first group. The high ropes course had a zip line, tight ropes, beams, and poles you had to climb, and different obstacle course. It also contained a rock climbing wall, and a white net that you had to climb.

Kids smiled in delight as they realized that this day was going to be more than it was given credit for. Other kids shrank back in fear as they became intimidated by the heights in front of them. “I am definitely not going on that (referring to the zip line).” Sydney Wong said. Later that day, she was zipping through the air, smiling from joy, and adrenaline. The zip line had the longest line of the day, but many stood in line, because they believed it was worth it.

A Erin Farrah said, “Did you hear me screaming?” She laughed, and was out of breath from the breathtaking experience of the zip line. World Geo teacher Mrs. Maisner even prompted Keyaira Cameron to ask 9th grade principal Mr. Hall to go on the zip line.  Hall looked around smiling as Mrs. Maisner laughed. He finally gave in, and said, “Yes… I can’t say no to a student.”

Mr. Hall climbed to the top of the zip line, and he flew across the air.

Mr. Hall not only went on the zip line himself, but he also helped another student build the courage to go themselves. The Avonworth students and Mr. Hall were nothing short of encouraging to Katie Conway. Katie was terrified to go on the zip line, but everyone cheered her on, and Mr. Hall was on the top along with Mrs. White, encouraging Katie to go. Katie built up the courage, and was cheering with joy as she zoomed through the air.

Mr. Hall encouraging Katie to zip line.


Zip lining was the highlight for many on this trip, but jumping off a pole into the air was a very close second for many.  Students became very intimidated by the heights of the high ropes, but nothing was as intimidating as the giant pole. Students began to to climb up this pole using the hooks, and once at the top, they jumped into the air. Jumping into the air wasn’t all they had to do. Their ultimate goal was to jump into the air, and grab the bar that was above them.

The high ropes course was definitely the course that the majority liked, but the low ropes also had it’s perks. The low ropes course was all about teamwork and trust. On this course you have to get through obstacles, conundrums, trust issues, and a rope swing. Depending on which group you went on, depended on which obstacles you were given.

Students were asked this question by staff members from the camp, “How much do you trust this group of kids?” Everyone looked around at each individual in the group, and they gave a number from one to ten. The lowest score was a five, and the highest was an eight. Throughout the day groups did things to build trust, like trust falls. By the end of the day the highest trust level was a nine, and the lowest was a four (yes it did go down for one).

By the end of the field trip everyone was tired, and exhausted. People smiled as they entered the buses, and they were all very happy about their time at Camp Guyasuta.

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