The US Men’s Soccer team was eliminated from World cup contention and will not participate in the competition for the first time since 1986.  The World Cup is the biggest soccer event in the world held in a different country every four years. The best 32 teams from around the world compete for one of the best prizes in soccer. The United States with the caliber player they have on their squad should have qualified for the World Cup as they always do.  On October 6th the US had a big match against Panama it was a must win for them to qualify and they came out smoking, putting up four goals and winning the match with ease. After this most experts believed the US would qualify. According to Espn they had over a 90% chance to make it to the World Cup. Yesterday they had a match against against Trinidad and Tobago win and they qualify.  The population for Trinidad is 1.3 million people compared to the United States’ massive 323 million people. So most thought the US would come out and win the match easily. The/

y came out slow and uninspired going down 2-0 early. This was too much for US to come back from they lost 2-1 and were eliminated from World Cup qualification. There was no reason for this to happen the US have great players with a great goalkeeper in Tim Howard, a US legend in the middle with Michael Bradley, and a 19 year old wonder kid up top Christian Pulisic.  The reason for this shocking loss for against this underdog was the US came out flat and Trinidad came out and their first goal was a odd own goal by one of the US defenders, the next goal was a amazing shot by one of the Trinidad players. The reason for the US coming out slow could have been fatigue possibly the heat or the field that was extremely wet. Whatever the reason was they came out and lost a game they should not have.

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