“We saw the devastation in Florida and Texas and we wanted to help,” said Seniors Naudia Ellis and Kristen Jaecke, who decided to raise money for the thousands impacted by both hurricanes this September.

Two seniors in charge of the fundraiser, Kristen (Left) and Naudia (Right).


Naudia and Kristen were selling bracelets and chocolate bars during the week of September 18th at high school lunches in both cafeterias. They said they didn’t have any specific goals when it came to the amount of money they raised, but they definitely wanted enough that would help out the people in need.

The chocolate covered pretzels (left) and bracelets (right) that were being sold to raise money.


Naudia said, “the both of us don’t necessarily have any personal connections, but we do know people that do.” In total, both girls were able to raise over $200.

Student Council and the Key Club were also collecting monetary donations through the rest of September to support one of the more heavily damaged school district Humble School District in Texas. Inside the district, they also have support groups, fundraisers, and walks to support the damage that was done. “We are sponsoring a homeroom challenge in the middle school, almost like a change challenge, and the winning room gets donuts,” Mrs. Maisner said, as a good way to motivate them to make money for a good cause.


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