|||Additional reporting done by Katelyn Eng, Maya Berardi, and Carolyn Abramowich|||

With Avonworth’s girls soccer team finishing second in their section and winning their first playoff game, they are further confirming the general consensus that this has been an amazingly successful season.

On paper, the girls season is impressive. They have a record of 13-5-0, their defense and goalie have beat Avonworth’s record of shutouts with a total of 11 so far, and they collectively scored over 40 goals. Not to mention, as previously mentioned, they are currently in the WPIAl playoffs and are off to a strong start with their win of 3-0.

The Avonworth Girls Soccer Team’s logo, which adorns all of their jerseys and gear, is shown above

Off paper, many students agree that girls soccer has done well this season, and the team has had a fairly strong fan section. Sam Wimer, a junior, spoke about their experiences as fans of Avonworth’s Girls Soccer Team. Sam mentioned that the sheer amount of people at the games was shocking, stating, “There usually aren’t many people there who don’t have a family member on the team, but there were a ton of people from school at this game. People were gosh darn hecka into the game.”

Of course, their season has not been perfect, and they have been forced to deal with issues off the field like hecklers supporting the other side. For the most part, in any sport there is an expectation of sportsmanship; however, this season some supporters of other teams have been directing negativity at Avonworth’s players and saying cruel, rude things as they are playing. When asked about the effect this has had on them, Chloe Cropper said, “It can definitely get in your head, but at this point we are just forced to tune it out.”

Another team member , Jessica Lamperski, commented on what she believes has led to such a successful season: “We all work really well as a team by pushing each other and working hard in practice. I think overall this season we just really set our minds to being successful and that’s what we did.”  Chloe Cropper echoed similar sentiments, and talked about the importance of having a team willing to go to practice every day and work hard.

The team poses for a selfie before their Memorial Cup game against Charleroi.

Jessica wrapped up the atmosphere of the soccer team by saying, “Honestly, we are like one big family. That may sound super cliche, but it’s honestly the best way to put it. We spend so much time together in season that it’s hard not to love everyone so much.”


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  1. I like how you put in a picture of the girls because it really showed team unity, which is what Avonworth Girls Soccer really is about.

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