Avonworth high school’s homecoming finally happened. It was very long awaited and highly anticipated. People gave their money, time, and effort in preparing for the dance.The night of October 14th, students became their best looking selves. They wore dresses, suits, corsages, boutonnieres  and more. The anxiety levels were high as the students finally took their first steps into the Convention center.

Before homecoming kids were excited, and anxious about homecoming. Many students had complaints about homecoming. One of those students was Carly Spahr, and she said saying, ¨ I know the dance is at the convention center, which is an expensive place, but not many people can fit a $35 ticket in their weekly budget. Also, $70, if the boy is paying for both, is a lot.¨

Homecoming was not simply an average day, to some, it was a whole experience. Danica Raich said, ¨I think that homecoming is a big deal because you have to look nice. For me it’s less stressful because I don’t have a date, so there’s not so much pressure. I heard there’s pressure on people with a date who’ve never actually gone on a date before, that would be stressful.¨


The Avonworth staff made sure to make this a memorable day by building the event up. Spirit week preceded the dance. It included unique opportunities such as pajama day, college day, luau day, and pink-out day.

A student named Garren Hoffman mentioned that, “I think homecoming, this year, will be a little different because I’ve heard it will be on a different floor of the convention center. I’m choosing to go again because I had a fun time last year. It is fun because of the dancing and just hanging out with your friends. It is only important to go if you want to.”

When asking students what they expected to see, they said, ¨I expect a lot of sparkles, glitter, and maybe some grinding. Maybe somebody pass out.¨ After the dance, some were happy with their experience, and others were less than amused. Many people complained about there being no food at homecoming, and nothing to do but dance, or stand around. Others had a blast, claiming that it was one of the best nights of their lives. They enjoyed the dancing, music, and view they were able to have at homecoming. 

Miracle Bynum, a freshman, elaborated on the experience of homecoming by saying, “Homecoming was really good. There was a lot of dancing and the music was really good. There was 2 slow songs, but most of them were fast and upbeat. I think it was important to go to homecoming because you will have memories to look back on when you graduate.”

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  1. This is a fabulous article! I liked how it incorporated student thoughts and clear, professional pictures to accompany them.

  2. When you are reporting, make sure you get a widespread view of opinions. Many of the people you interviewed were underclassmen. It may help to get the views of juniors and seniors as well, for they have more experience and opinions when it comes to school dances. Overall, a really detailed and article!

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