||Additional reporting by Sadie Stetser||

Student section, all dressed in pink.


I asked a couple of the Avonworth football players these two questions: Is the homecoming game different from any other Friday night game? Do you play any differently for the homecoming game?

Jake Harper responded with, “No because the focus is to just win and play well.” He also said, “No because it’s just a home game and expected to win.”

Sadie Stetser (left) Grace Heflin (middle) and Ashley Tedys (right) flying in a cheer stunt during the homecoming game.

Some other questions we asked were, “What are your thoughts about this being your last home game?” “Do you feel obligated to win because of its your homecoming game?” What do you like and dislike about homecoming games?

Patrick Gannon said, “it’s sad because I don’t get to play with the seniors next year and I have been playing with them since 7th grade.” To the second question, he responded with “yes because its the homecoming game and it would be embarrassing to not win in front of everyone.” ┬áHe also said he doesn’t dislike anything about the homecoming game because it’s exciting.

Alex Osborn said, ” It’s a scary thought because it feels like yesterday us seniors were under the lights at our field for the first time but we got to make the most of it and come out on top Friday night.” He also mentioned, ” you always feel obligated to win every game but it being our homecoming game raises the stakes even more and were ready for any team that is across the sidelines from us.”

Jax Miller said, “I feel like we have something to prove. Its out last seniors homecoming game and we should go balls out on the shady side.” He told us, ” of course we feel obligated, I wouldn’t go out there and embarrass myself during an important game like this” He also said he likes the support our community gives us but dislikes the distractions.

In the end, the Antelopes ending up losing to Shady Side 27-38.

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