||| Additional reporting done by Bailey Tempest |||

Mr. Tuffiash, the eleventh grade English teacher, gave 90 juniors, both boys and girls, an online survey for the end of the first nine weeks. One of the questions and its results stood out from all the rest which was, “What team did you root for the most?”

We decided to get the opinions of all sports players and even the ones who don’t play sports. Sean Boaks,  a freshman on the boys cross country team, said that they should get more recognition because they are doing really well this year.

Junior Sam Guzzo and freshman Jack Foster both think that their sport, soccer, should also deserve more recognition than football. Sam said, “football isn’t popular in other countries like soccer is.”

Other sports such as volleyball, which got a 0%, and girls soccer, which also got a really low percentage, lost to football. Ally Veleke, a freshman on the volleyball team, said “well why wouldn’t football win? It’s on a friday night and it’s a time that everyone can go so it’s understandable.” Freshman Jackie Lamperski and Joey Skillen on the girls soccer team also agree.

However, the football players disagree. Junior Jake Harper said “It’s clearly bigger here than other ports and it is almost everywhere in America. Football is just the most exciting sport to watch, but everyone has their own opinions.”






3 Replies to “How Athletes Feel About “What team did you root for the most?” question in Fall Survey”

  1. I really liked that you included a circle graph. It was a very helpful visual that supported your information..

  2. I like how you included various opinions of the students – I thought that it really tied in well with your graph and the article itself.

  3. Do you think that the fact that the survey was given to only juniors altered the results? Do you think other sports teams gain more support from other grade levels? Just another thing to consider in your writing, and even a possible question to pose to those you are interviewing.

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