Soccer is 110% the superior sport to football. These two sports do not even compare soccer is so much better. People think the atmosphere in an NFL stadium is exciting it is nothing compared to the soccer stadiums in Germany England, and Spain. There are flares burning flags flying catchy and funny chants all the fans come up with and have a great time with. For a fact, soccer fans are louder and more pumped than football fans it is not even close. Then the athletes playing soccer compared to the athletes playing football are just better. First off soccer players are just richer than football players. The richest athlete in the world Cristiano Ronaldo makes so much more than the highest paid football player. Soccer players in all the top leagues make on average more than football players. For high school soccer, we had a former football player for the team, Johnny Holman, come to one of our practices and could not complete all the laps. So overall,  soccer players are more fit than football players through all levels.

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