The time that so many students awaited has finally come. The lust for this show, as well as the extreme anticipation, is over. Stranger Things, now a year later, came out today and students throughout the school are enjoying season 2.

Stranger Things is a Netflix original TV show that revolves around a group of kids. One of the main characters, Will, became trapped. He was trapped in a place called The Upside Down. This is an alternate dimension, and a monster named Demogorgon lives there. In order to stay alive, Will hid in an identical version of his house in this dimension. He was able to communicate with his mom through Christmas lights. Everyone around her thought that the mom was crazy, because she was talking to Christmas lights. She is later the main key for saving Will, and understanding that he is still alive.

Another crucial character is Eleven. She was experimented on all her life, and now she has psychokinetic abilities. She and a boy named Mike become very close when he takes her in and helps her adjust to the world around her. Eleven knows who her real mother is, but her mom is broken by all of the experiments the government did on her. The man who kidnapped her brainwashed her so much that she calls him,´papa.´

The last episode of Stranger Things left people around the world in suspense. It ended in an epic battle, and Eleven destroys basically everyone around her by using her powers. When she finally kills the Demogorgon, she disappears.  Then two of the characters, Joyce and Hopper, go into the Upside Down. They finally find Will, but Eleven is nowhere to be seen. At the end of the episode, everything is almost normal. Then they show Will coughing up blood, and he has a flashback from the Upside Down. This is where it ends, and everyone is wondering what will happen next.

Going into season two, those are the main things you need to know. There are many other important characters, but that was a basic summary of the very important facts.

Students at Avonworth are counting down the days until the second season airs on Netflix. Most students think that it is a no brainier that Eleven will come back. Danica Raich felt very strongly about this as she said, ¨I do think eleven will come back, that’s my main prediction for season two, that eleven will definitely come back because I literally love eleven so much.¨

Sarah Fuller was also very confident about this. She said, ¨Oh, yeah, it’s even in the trailer. It’s obvious, her hand goes through the wall.¨

It is a known fact by now that Eleven is coming back, because some cannot see the show without her. Many people would be extremely upset if she was killed off the show, at least in that way. Before Eleven had vanished, she took the monster with her. This led many fans to wonder what the next monster would be.

¨I think that there is no main villain,” Fuller said.  “I think that is only the upside down in itself. Like I think that there is still more of those creatures inside that than just one. I think the main villain is probably just the other dimension and the people that opened it.¨

Danica Raich took the same approach, but with a slight twist. She said, ¨I think the villain will be the other side, that’s like the main antagonist for season one and it’s going to continue to be for season two.  Or those weird government people.¨

Although it is nice to speculate about the possibilities of season two, it is always worrying that the second season will not be as good. Most people who were asked said that season two would be better. Although Danica Raich took a different approach by saying, ¨I do think that season two is going to be as good as season one just because there is a hype around it and the more hype, the more money they get to film and the more money, the better the people, and the more people, the better the show.¨

Another huge question was, ¨Are you going to binge this season, or take it slow?¨ The reason why this question is very significant is last season only had eight episodes. People blew through them so fast, that they were very sad, and disappointing in themselves. Graham Herzig expresses this feeling by saying, ¨-I am going to try to watch it at a pace.¨

When Charlie Bozada was asked about how he would watch the show, he said,¨If I am watching it with friends otherwise I don’t have much interest.¨ Most people have interest, but it was the general agreement that everyone would take it slow, and watch it with friends.


The anticipation for this show to come out is immense. People are looking forward to the twists and turns that Stranger Things is sure to provide. The show comes out on Friday, October 27th. It will be incredible to see how much the predictions match with what actually happens. No matter what, this show will not have a lack of watchers (mainly to make sure Eleven is okay).

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