Additional Reporting by Keyaira Cameron, Haley Reilly, Abby Kline, and Jackson Southern.

Seniors Kat Kosko, Erin Williams, and Abby Crilley have new banners hanging in the gym. Photo by Alec Kreutzer


The Avonworth Girls Volleyball season has been off to a great start with a current record of 5-2. Their most recent game was on Monday, October 2nd, at Montour High School. They fell to Montour 3-0. One match that was noticeably challenging for the team was when they played away at Beaver, on September 21st. Grace O’Brien, a freshman on the volleyball team, says, “The team did not play well because we did not play as a team and did not listen to our coaches.” Varsity Volleyball ended up falling to Beaver Area Senior High School 3-0.

Pictured above is Riley North, who is a sophomore that is on the volleyball team.

The following game was on September 26th at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic. Riley North, a sophomore on the team, said, “We played North Catholic and our varsity did really well against them. We crushed them the first two sets, but we still did good the third set.” Many of the new freshmen that have joined the team have shown a passionate interest and enjoyment towards this sport. Erin Farrah (freshman) said the following,”What I like about volleyball is that I am a part of a tea

This is a picture of Alexia Heinold, a freshman, who plays on the volleyball team.

m and all the teammates are really nice.” Another player, Harris Robinson (freshman), unfolds these ideas about volleyball,  “I like that most of my friends play it and it is a fun sport.” To add, Alexia Heinold (freshman) commented about the general atmosphere of the games, “I like how our team is so close and that the games have a lot of energy.” Many of the volleyball players indicated that the team members and coaches are very amiable and kind.



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