Additional Reporting by Riley North and Meghan Osekowski

On Friday of last week, the Avonworth sophomore class was introduced to the idea of a class ring. The Josten’s Company representative talked the entire grade with a presentation about the many options given when choosing class jewelry. With a detailed presentation, many sophomores left well informed, but not convinced to buy the products.

While class rings used to be an essential part of the high school experience, nowadays it is overlooked. We predicted that the majority would be greatly in the direction of not, but were surprised by the results. While the majority did vote no, we found around 26% said yes they were planning on getting a ring. This is much more than we expected, however the vast majority is still almost three fourths are not considering purchasing a ring.

Sophomore Alexie Auth says “while the rings looked cool, I still don’t think I’d wear it on a regular basis.” This is basically the overall feeling of everyone we’ve asked. Cool, but sorry we’re not interested.

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