Additional reporting by Riley North and Meghan Osekowski. 

After an amazing regular season the Avonworth Varsity Volleyball team is making their way to playoff territory. After winning the first two playoff games, the team has secured a spot in the State Championship Competition. This is an amazing feat that has not been accomplished many times before. The team has been very dedicated all season, and their hard work has paid off.

After beating an undefeated team Tuesday, Avonworth now must face their rivals, Beaver High School. Beaver is a very talented team, but one of their best players is injured. Avonworth is hopeful this will give them an edge in the game Thursday.

When asked about how far the team will make it in the playoffs, sophomore player Riley North says, “I think we will make it very far since we play at a high level and can rise to the challenge and the varsity is excited to play new teams.”

When asked about the fanbase Avonworth has for volleyball, sophomore Meghan Osekowski says that,”The volleyball team has a huge fanbase and has been supported by the whole school throughout their regular season games and now through the playoffs.” She also says that, “Based on what I have seen from the team this year, I think that they will go far in the playoffs.” Good luck girls!

After a loss on Thursday to Beaver, the girls finished 4th in the WPIAL, allowing them to advance to States.  Tomorrow night, November 7th, they will play Freeport at 10pm.  The time of the game has been a topic of conversation for the girls all day, especially with the neutral playoff location being two hours away.  This late start time is causing a long buildup to an intense game, adding to their anxiety, according to players.  

On Tuesday, November 7th, the girls continue with WPIAL states competition at Meadville High School against Corry.

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