As the Steelers approach the start to the second half of the season, we asked a variety of teachers and students if Pittsburgh Steelers WR Martavis Bryant should be a starter once again. The responses we received were very different depending on the age of the person we were pooling.

We pooled Junior Owen North and asked him whether or not Bryant should start. He had a positive outlook on the situation saying that he should be starting once again. Owen thinks Bryant has served him time sitting out for one game and talking with Head Coach Mike Tomlin. With a similar opinion junior, Andrew Malloy thinks Bryant is a very talented wide receiver and should be starting. He thinks that everybody deserves a second chance.

Next, we interviewed gym teacher, Mr. Coffin, and his opinion was very different from the students. Coffin stated that coaches at the professional level do not make decisions based on parents or comments like high school coaches so if Bryant was good enough to be playing he would be.

Mr. Johncour, the high school football coach for our team, also believes he should not be playing.  He states that he needs to learn how to handle himself and not be a little kid. The Steelers already gave him a second chance after he was suspended a full season for drug abuse. He thinks Bryant just needs to wait for the balls to come to him like they should.

Lastly, we have an opinion from Mr. Pellicano. Like Johncour he believes that Bryant should not be starting. The disrespect he has shown to the city of Pittsburgh and the team deserves more of a punishment. A quote that fits this situation perfectly Mr. P brought up is “Know your role and shut your hole” said by the Rock.

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  1. This article was very interesting. Before reading this I had no idea who you were talking about, but I was so interested I looked up the story. I now know what you are talking about and I better relate.

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