The fall play, this year being “Radium Girls”, is in full swing. The cast has already put on two shows. Wednesday, the 15th was opening night.

For starters, let us get into a little background about the show. “Radium Girls” was written D.W. Gregory. The setting is the 1920’s in a factory. The factory is creating dials, used for war, that require radioactive paint. This being the 1920’s the danger if radium was unknown, by the workers and the public, there for the girls casually put the paint on their lips. The story follows three girls who, like all of the other factory worker, are completely unaware of the danger of the paint.

We wanted to know how opening night went, so we took to finding some of the cast members. We first interviewed Alex Flynn, a freshman, and she stated, “ I think opening night went really well. At the end we ended up getting a lot of applause and a standing ovation.” Garren Hoffman, a sophomore, elaborated on this and also seemed to think opening night went very well: “Opening night went pretty well. There were not many mess-ups.”

Overall, it seems that opening night of “Radium Girls” went smoothly. It is now the 19th and “Radium Girls” has wrapped. The cast was an amazingly talented group of people and this year’s fall play was definitely a hit.

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