//Additional reporting done by Bailey Tempest//

As an English project for the freshman grade, fundraisers for the organization “Stand Down” have been spiraling the school.

“Stand Down” is an organization to raise money for homeless veterans or veterans in need. The assignment was to come up with a fundraiser that could raise enough money to create care packages for the people who fought for our country.

An example of a fundraiser going on was done by Noah Osborn, Mikey Frank, and Gillian Tokar available for grades 7-12. The tenth grade won and was able to raise enough money to create a snap chat geofilter for the grade.

In order to advertise they posted flyers around the school and put an announcement on the daily announcements. Noah said “I am proud of my group and the grade for raising a lot of money and donations for people who need them.”

Mikey Frank said, “this project was difficult because Mr. Wells and Mr. Pastore didn’t give us very many guidelines and it was hard to handle this all on her own.”

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