From 2015 on, sources like The Huffington Post have reported on YouTube crushing cable. Cord-cutters are rapidly expanding…so what should you watch on YouTube?

The different varieties of YouTube channels of people like the subscribers help YouTube out a lot with ratings. YouTube has so many channels to pick from but here are my favorites.

1) Starting off with Coryxkenshin
Coryxkenshin is a family friendly gaming channel for many types of gamers. He plays any game that is put out in the world, posts consistently throughout the week, updates on the latest games when released, comedy based edits, and he is very positive, a lot of positive comments.

2. Chuggaaconroy: another family-friendly channel.
He mainly plays Nintendo based games that are older. He updates on some new Nintendo games but not often. He is a very positive, a lot of positive comments also.

3. Next, I recommend Lemarr Wilson, also family friendly. He reviews new items, reviews accessories for tech,  he gets a lot of positive comments too. He does taste test occasionally for snacks and reviews some games mostly for Nintendo.

4. Another channel I recommend is David Seymour, also family friendly.

He does taste test videos from another food channel called Tasty Buzzfeed, doesn’t taste test, positive a lot of positive comments, and game day, Snacks, Meals, Dessert, Random (foods)

Lastly, I recommend Matthis, also a family-friendly channel. He reviews random Amazon products, viewers send in Dollar store products, he tries them out, different reviews on items (random), and Positive, a lot of positive comments

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