Buzzfeed Unsolved, a YouTube series, has gained a great deal of popularity, both in and outside of Avonworth, for its intriguing and entertaining investigations into true crimes and the supernatural. The series, which recently premiered its third season, is getting a tremendous amount of support for its blending of humor and the spookier aspects of life and the unknown.

In the show, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej investigate both true crimes that remain unsolved and supernatural occurrences. For true crime, they tend to spend the beginning of the episode developing the back story and facts surrounding the crime before delving further into the investigation and possible theories. In the supernatural episodes, they focus on seemingly otherworldly events and places, like exorcisms or haunted hospitals. The hosts share the information that they had previously collected and then go on to perform their own first hand investigation. The fact that Ryan and Shane often travel to the different sites of crimes and supernatural events instead of only reporting on them is part of the reason why the show has become so popular. When asked what she liked about the show, Summer Skillen, a junior who discovered Unsolved about a year ago, said, “There’s humor intertwined, so it isn’t just scary or freaky. They really make it enjoyable with their dark humor. I also like how they go on site and nothing is staged and it’s very transparent. It’s also great that they have two people on exact opposite ends of the spectrum: a believer in the supernatural and a non-believer.”

Above are the two hosts of the show, Shane Madej (left) and Ryan Bergara (right).

One of the main elements of the episodes is the heavily contrasting beliefs of the two hosts. Ryan is more inclined to believe in the supernatural explanations to crimes and their own encounters on the show, whereas Shane tends to be a skeptic and, in the eyes of some, more realistic. Some viewers, like Sam Wimer, have a very definite opinion of their own on the subject, his being that demons are real but ghosts are not, while others, like Summer, are less decided. When asked if ghosts were real, Summer said, “We can’t say yes, and we can’t say no.” Overall, the different opinions and beliefs showcased on Unsolved allow it to appeal to the varying viewpoints of fans and potential viewers.

Shane is pictured mocking Ryan for his avid belief in the existence of ghosts and demons. This quote is arguably what Unsolved is most known for.

The general consensus is that the show is “gosh darn hecka good,” as Sam put it. Junior Maya Berardi proclaimed, “I love it, especially the JonBenét Ramsey episode and the JFK episode, and I like how they share all of the facts and make it funny.” Overall, if you have an interest in crime, the supernatural, or simply enjoy some quality humor, the show is more than worth watching, as long as you are okay with some things remaining unsolved.

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  1. I lOVE Buzzfeed Unsolved! Everything written here is very accurate. The final sentence wraps it all up well, you’ve convinced me to hop on board!

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