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After October 21st’s win against South Allegheny, the Avonworth Football team made it into the playoffs! They played at 7:30 against Charleroi at their home field on November 3, 2017.

Caitlyn Galloway, a junior and varsity cheerleader, said “I think if the boys don’t have enough confidence in themselves then they won’t be able to win. Whenever they have confidence in themselves they have a better chance of winning.” Sophomore football player Ethan Syam says, “it is going to be a tough game, but if we play hard we’ll win.”

A challenge for many students was the over an hour drive to see the Lopes play. Junior Sam Guzzo said, “I’m very excited that Avonworth made it to the playoffs,  but I’m not going because it’s far away.”

In conclusion, the football team ended with a win of 21-12. There were rumors around the school circulating that the team would lose, due to the 9-1 record that Charleroi had, but others remained loyal. “I had confidence in my friends and the coaches to get a very good win,” said Senior Jimmy Knable, who has led the student spirit section throughout the regular season.

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  1. I like that you quoted not only football players but also cheerleaders as well. I think it made the article more dynamic.

  2. I think that they way you got people’s opinions and thoughts before the game but ended with the results was very interesting and made the story feel more all-encompassing.

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