In the days leading up to Friday, November 10th, Principal Keera Dwulit e-mailed all high schools about the following:

This Friday we will be honoring Veterans Day by carrying the American flag all day from 7:30am until 3:00pm.  It will start with a short opening ceremony at the flag pole at 8:05 am and then students will take turns carrying the flag around the building continuously in 10 minute segments.  Rain or shine and/or cold…plan accordingly!
Please sign up on the form below if you want to be part of this day long event.  With the volume of students, please choose one spot initially and then there may be the opportunity to add more.  
There may/will be many students that sign up in one spot – that is anticipated and welcomed!   
Let me know if there are any concerns or questions. 
Thanks for your participation and support of this important day! 
Below are a few photos from throughout the day, including Dwulit in her Army uniform, as well as teachers and students carrying the flag throughout the day.


Principal Dwulit wore her Army uniform on Veterans Day 2017 – photo courtesy of Alice Cahill
Senior James Knable intends to join the Marines after attending college.


Photo by James Knable
Avonews sports editor senior JJ Igims holding the flag.


Seniors Igims, Brennan Neidhart and Alex Quinn. Neidhart is pictured in his away football jersey getting ready for the WPIAL playoff game later today.


Despite the clear skies and sunshine, temperatures were in the 30s with a brisk wind during the morning ceremony


A glimpse at the sign-up list for teachers and students carrying the US flag throughout the day





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  1. thought this was interesting and a good way to show our support next time though we should go to the field and have vets show up

  2. I like how you got pictures of Principal Dwulit and the students carrying the flag to show respect towards our country.

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