Its been about 2 years since the California Bay-Area rapper G-Eazy released “When Its Dark Out”, an album with only a few tracks being worthy of a second listen and arguably, a disappointment.

In those 2 years, G-Eazy has lived an eventful life negatively and positively, and he successfully shows his rise and fall in this album.

The Beautiful and Damned is an eye-opening 20 tracks. 10 being the rise, and 10 being the fall of Eazy. In the first 10 songs, G-Eazy talks about his love for partying, drugs, alcohol, women, and the attention that comes with being a young rapper that has nearly everything going well for him. However, in the first 10 tracks, he hints that what he’s doing could easily corrupt him and will later be his downfall. The first half of this album is the perfect mix of hardcore, straight to the point rap, and hip-hop that smooths out the first 10 tracks and really makes it shine.

In the 2nd half of the album, G-Eazy becomes overwhelmed with his drug, alcohol, and women addiction. He quickly senses it, and starts to question his mental state near the end of the album. The final 3 songs, “Fly Away”, “Love Is Gone”, and “Eazy” are the most heartbreaking songs of the young rappers career, but it’s where he shines the most to detail how being a celebrity is slowly killing him mentally.

Now of course, there are some downsides to this album, the repetitiveness and how he talks about being a Gemini is distracting and sometimes annoying. But if you can look past the few flaws, It is arguably one of the best albums of 2017 , and Eazy’s best album of his career.

My Favorite Songs:

Pray For Me, Him & I, Legend, No Limit, The Plan, Pick Me Up, Gotdamn, Leviathan, Fly Away, Love Is Gone, and Eazy

Final Score: 9.2/10

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