It’s been a little over a year since the upset victory of Donald Trump being elected president. During his campaign, he made multiple promises that supporters were expecting him to keep. Some of these promises have been met, but his slogan is still in question. Has Donald Trump made America great again? My answer is no. At least, not yet.

Donald Trump’s approval ratings have hit a record low 32%, according to a Dec 13th poll done by Monmouth University. This could very well be partially because of Trump’s tweets. Our president has definitely gone outside the box by using Twitter in the way that he does. Sometimes, I think it would be best for him to not be so aggressive in his Tweets. However, I do appreciate the fact that he does not conform to politician standards. He’s not afraid to not be politically correct and restrained. While this does upset people, I like that he says what he wants to say, and he’s doing what he said he would do.

For example, Trump promised to improve the economy, lower taxes, and create more jobs. In March of 2015, the unemployment rate was 5.5 percent. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the unemployment rate reached 4.1 percent, and about 228,000 jobs were created in November of 2017

Trump is working on a bill to lower taxes nationwide. People may ask: “How does lowering taxes help America? It’s less money for them!” I was Ronald Reagan for World Hall of Fame, so I was able to thoroughly research his methods. If a president lowers taxes and regulations on companies, then they won’t have to give as much of their money initially to the government. As a result, companies may be able to pay employees more for their work without the threat of losing money because it goes to taxes. As a result, there is more money in the economy so the government ends up getting MORE tax money. Also, companies will have enough money to hire more people. This way, lower-income families in the lower class have an abundance of options as careers.

Finally, since Trump was elected, the stock market has boomed and some of the stocks have been the highest ever. People can have their varied opinions on Trump, but it’s impossible to argue that the economy is better under President Trump due to these statistics.

Another campaign promise was illegal immigration. Since Trump’s inauguration, illegal immigration has gone down 67%. This is just another way he has helped our country.

However, there is still division in our country, and that will be difficult to fix. In addition, it seems as if no media can be trusted, as everything appears to be biased. Trump also has not yet started construction on his wall, which he said he would do.

In conclusion, Trump has done wonderful things for our country, especially relating to our economy (visit

However, our country is still divided, so Trump still has work to do. Keep in mind that being president is difficult, and he can’t please everybody. In addition, people shouldn’t only listen to the bad part of someone, and doing research about good things someone has done is great too. Therefore, I believe that America is starting to get great, but it is not great yet.

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