“On average, teens spent 34% of their video time watching YouTube, compared to 27% watching Netflix, and 14% watching live TV” (Business Insider)

Television used to be the form of entertainment unlike anything else. Everyone loved TV for the shows and new movies. This was not only something that adults used, but all ages used their television sets. Actors were the normal version of entertainers, and no one for saw this very big change that would later come in the media industry. As time went on, YouTube and Netflix were created. Netflix was created on August 29, 1997. It was made to be a platform for original shows of all time, as well as the regular shows on TV. This became huge because people were now able to watch their favorite shows with all of the seasons/episodes available. This was a new idea, and Netflix grew fast very early. Youtube was created years later on February 14, 2005. This was also a completely different form of media entertainment. YouTube was not the traditional scripted shows like Netflix and TV. YouTube was a creator based platform, that lets people from all around the world create content, and share it with the world. Unlike Netflix and Television, YouTube was free to create and upload content. Netflix and Youtube have both become very big competitors for Television, and they are now in a battle to control media entertainment.

Although Netflix/Youtube is watched more around the world than Television, this was a different result for Avonworth freshmen. Many 9th grade students found that they were very busy in school, so they did not have much time to watch a lot of media entertainment in general. To see how many kids watched YouTube and Netflix in a day, we took a poll. The results were very surprising, considering that most kids did not watch both YouTube or Netflix on a regular basis. A lot of high school students also did not own a Netflix or YouTube account.

Poll Taken from Avonworth High School Students
Poll Taken From Avonworth High School Students


Danica Raich, a 9th-grade student at Avonworth High school, said, “Anything that is on tv is on Netflix, but I guess since you said Netflix originals, I think the Netflix originals are so good, their like the best shows. Stranger things, Thirteen reasons was the best show, well according to popularity rates..personal opinion, not so much.”

Alyse Austin, when asking about the creator aspect of YouTube, she said, “-it is just spontaneous and there is not like like sometimes in TV shows they plan years in advance and so just when your doing youtube you have to plan maybe like a couple hours before you film it and that makes it more spontaneous.”

Grace O’Brien is one of the many high school students that were interviewed, and who said that they did not watch YouTube or Netflix very often. Grace stated that “-I mean I don’t really watch either very often…”

The idea of traditional media seems to still be of value to most students from the responses that were received. Jackson Southern was asked about whether YouTube was better than Television. He made a statement saying, “In some ways yes, because anyone can be a content creator, but generally it’s not to the scale of entertainment or the scale of production as television.”Although Jackson found TV more entertaining, his answer was different from a student of Avonworth High school, Eli King. Eli said that he found YouTube more captivating that Television, because, “-there is more variety of things, there are billions of videos uploaded every day and tv there are thousands of channels, but they all play the same things every day.”

Jackon Southern, 9th grade
Eli King, 9th grade


Although the results of the polls taken in this school differ from the world poll, Television is still facing tough competition YouTube and Netflix. Television may never be gone, but it will definitely have work to do to match its competitors.

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