Friday, February 9th had most of the Junior class on a field trip to the annual NACAC National College Fairs tour at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. At the fair colleges and amazing universities from all over the country attended.  There were over 400 schools there ranging from local community colleges to big-name schools from across the country such as Marquette and Arizona State University. Other than from PA, most of the schools were either from West Virginia or Ohio.

The two biggest booths there were of course from Penn State and Pitt. They both had big fancy eye-catching balloon archways. They had representatives there from both their man campuses and their many branch campuses across PA.  The last variation of booth that we saw at the fair was all the many military branches and military colleges.

The college fair was a very insightful helpful experience. All the representatives there were super helpful and fun to talk to. I received a lot of information on the area of study I am most likely going into. The whole fair is a great experience every person should go to if they have a chance even if you think you know what college you are going to. It is amazing getting to explore all the options you have out there in only an hour and a half.

Also, at the very least if you are not interested in going to college or exploring options in the military, you get away from school for a few hours and have a fun day with your classmates. You can have some more fun in something most people like to do and see how many pens you can collect from different colleges as me and my friend did. Try to beat this year’s record twenty-two pens.


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