The Cavaliers a few hours before the trade deadline in the NBA did some shocking trades and blew up their entire team. Leading up to the deadline the Cavs were struggling very badly, not looking like a title contender in anyway. They had a talented roster that just could not perform and get wins together consistently. Leading up to the deadline they were in a major slump starting with losing 9 out of 12 games after Christmas day.  So the Cavaliers management decided to totally change the team around and blow it up in some very surprising moves even to NBA analysts.

Before these big moves the Cavs on average had one of the oldest teams in the league, after they totally flipped it getting rid of the older players and picking up a lot of young athletic talented players. The first move they made was sending Isaiah Thomas, Frye, and their first round pick to the LA Lakers in exchange for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. ,both young athletic explosive players. That was their first big move of the day they kept rolling after that.  Next in a 3 way trade with the Kings and the Jazz the Cavaliers unloaded the injured Derick Rose, Jae Crowder, and Iman Shumpert, in return they received two guards in Rodney Hood and George Hill. The last move of the day was more doing right for an amazing guy and NBA legend Dwayne Wade and sending him home to Miami in exchange for a second round draft pick.  The Cavs unloaded 6 older players who were not working anymore in the organization and got 4 young inspired players excited to be on a championship contender.

Since these huge trades for Cleveland they have been surging and making the top teams in the East Boston and Toronto on edge. Their record since the trades is 3-0 with two very big wins over top tier teams the OKC Thunder and one of the top teams in the east the Boston Celtics, both in convincing fashion. With these deals the Cavs are right back in the title conversation they were slipping out of. Tornoto and Boston should be very nervous if Cleveland keeps playing like they are for their chance of making the finals has sank a bit.


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